An important part of protecting and growing your practice is managing change in such a way that the day-to-day operation and efficiency of your practice remains uninterrupted. Whether it be the hiring of a new team member, a transition in ownership of the practice or a change in operations to improve performance, ManagePointe Consulting is here to help. As part of our Practice Performance Analysis, our team will review the operations of your office and discuss the transitions your practice is making with you. We will work with you to provide coaching for changes in operations, talent recruitment, team training and more so that you can make the transition of your office as smooth as possible.

We offer a number of coaching and transitional services, including:

  • Fee Analysis
  • Defining Job Descriptions
  • Case Management
  • Patient Experience
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Team Training
  • Practice Transitioning

We are committed to helping you protect and maintain your business so that you can continue to enjoy success, efficiency and security for years to come.

Call us today at 800-969-3451 to learn more about coaching and transitions and to schedule an appointment with our team.