Our Practice Performance Analysis is an objective assessment of your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. ManagePointe Consulting will spend time at your business and work with you to assess what is working well and which areas need attention. After thorough evaluation, we will develop a strategy specific to your practice’s needs and implement better processes. This will include training for you and for your staff so that you can focus on your goals and illuminate areas of opportunity for growth sand plan for your future.

There are five areas of focus which we use to evaluate, prioritize and design a strategy.

  1. Coaching and Transitions

Coaching and transitions involves defining job descriptions, education, motivation, the patient experience, talent recruitment and team training. We will work with you and your staff to help you increase your ability to work together to provide quality care for your patients in both the front and back office and improve the patient experience in your practice.

  1. IT Management

IT Management incorporates all systems, making sure they are up-to-date and running smoothly, including systems checks, Management Workflow Diagnosis, software updates, software implementation, e-services and PCI and communication compliance.

  1. Marketing

The focus of ManagePointe Consulting is to make your practice become more visible, therefore making it the preferred choice for potential patients. Marketing initiatives include web presence review, branding and materials, referral breakdown, and budget analysis before a plan of action is determined. Building relationships with peers and patients in your community is key.

  1. Practice Management Implementation

Practice management implementation is designed to ensure that your dental practice functions smoothly and efficiently. It focuses on the day-to-day details of operation, including inter-office communication; scheduling and time management; benefits, human resources and payroll applications; employee management and reviews; and employee handbooks and office manuals.

  1. Profitability

As your practice begins to grow and function more efficiently, it should become more profitable. ManagePointe Consulting can provide Fee Analysis, Case Presentation Studies, Insurance Credentialing, and Systems Integration to assure that your practice is doing everything possible to succeed!

We invite you to contact us at 800-969-3451 to schedule your practice performance analysis and learn more.