Monthly IT Support helps to guide our customers in getting the most from their IT investment. Here are three of the ways in which we do this:

  1. Managing direction and up-time by measuring system performance.
  2. Continual Monitoring to ensure that IT objectives are aligned with your company goals.
  3. Dedication to learning as much as we can about your company and the impact of IT in order to positively influence IT decisions, objectives and planning.

The goal of Monthly IT Support is to manage your systems as well as if you had your own, on-site team of IT technicians. Monthly support allows us to provide you with immediate solutions to problems that will help increase productivity and efficiency in your practice and keep your office running smoothly. Some benefits of MSP include:

  • A proactive approach to prevent and protect against problems rather than passively dealing with them after the damage has been done.
  • Preventing minor glitches from becoming major problems that interrupt your practice.
  • 24/7 support with services provided remotely and on-site.

ManagePointe Technologies offers Monthly Support Packages (MSP) to provide your practice with the support and monitoring that you need. The MSP includes a support help desk, 24/7 monitoring of your network and all anti-virus and malware services. This means that ManagePointe can provide you with complete and reliable security to prevent problems and keep your office running smoothly.

Contact ManagePointe Technologies at 800-969-3451 to learn more about the benefits included in the Monthly IT Support Packages and schedule a consultation with one of our certified technicians.